Ceiling Fan Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

You might not meet any problems in choosing and purchasing a ceiling fan, but it’s quite hard to clean it and maintain its good condition. Even the best ceiling fan needs to be taken care of regularly to work properly at almost all time.

best ceiling fan

Sometimes you should ask yourself when the last time you clean the furniture especially the ceiling fan was. Just like other household appliances, the ceiling fan is very easy to get dusted or encounter some common problems. In this article, I will show you some tips to maintain the ceiling fan at its best condition and lengthen the lifespan of the ceiling fan.

Cleaning the ceiling fan blades

This might be the work that you have to do regularly, at least once or twice per month because the blades are the parts that spin to flow the air so it is very dusty. We can’t avoid that but at least we can clean the blades regularly using these simple ways below:

  • Using vacuum is a good way to handle the dust, especially light dust which sticks on the ceiling fan blades. To do the work, you should prepare a vacuum support vacuum brush to wipe the dust layers. Carefully vacuum the dust layer on top and the bottom sides of the fan blades. Make sure that you don’t miss any spots at any corners and borders of the blades. In addition, if the fan blades are covered with dusty layer which is too thick to vacuum entirely, use a microfiber cloth to wipe instead. But you have to be careful with the blades. Don’t wipe too hard or do anything that could bend or pull the blades down. This could make your ceiling fan works badly after cleaning. Gently wipe the blades from inside to the outside.
  • Never wipe multiple blades at the same time. After wiping the dust from one blade, make sure that you have got rid of the dust by rinsing it into the water and squeezing the dirt away before starting with the next one. If you don’t do that, your cleaning is nothing but moving the dust from one blade to another. After wet cleaning, you should let the ceiling fan dry, then wipe it again with some dry duster tools such as the feather duster or a broom so that the new dust layer can’t stick in the new surface immediately. Remember not to use any types of hard brushes or rough surface wipers to avoid scratching or bending the ceiling fan blades.
  • If you know something about mechanical techniques, you can use them as an advantage in cleaning and maintaining the ceiling fan. The first thing you can do is removing all the blades from the motor for better cleaning process. Went unloading all the components, you might have a chance to check the ceiling fan inside out for any technical mistakes or some unfortunate spoiled parts. It would be helpful in replacing the components which are broken or bent. You need to unscrew all the blade carefully without missing any screws. After that, put the fan blades down on a surface and make an overall check for any possibly problems. If everything is fine, begin to clean the blades with water and cleaning liquids, make sure not to miss any difficult spots on them.

You can also use these methods to clean up other parts of the ceiling fan, but remember to shut down the electrical source before doing anything.

Ceiling fans mechanical maintenance

After a long time using, the operation as well as working condition might make the ceiling fan wear out quickly according to the productivity of the fan. It’s not only because of the fan’s quality; it’s also about the mechanical properties. Therefore to help the ceiling fan operates properly; there should be monthly mechanical maintenances for any problems.

There are many different problems that the ceiling fan could possibly encounter while operating. The main point is how early we could find out those errors and the way we fix them. The problems can be detected easily through the sound and the shape of spinning circle while the ceiling fan is running. If there are anything wrong with the operation of the ceiling fan, you can check them yourself or just contact the trained technicians for help. Just remember to maintain and clean the fans regularly for the best condition for your household appliance.

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